The SRES’S, College of Engineering, Kopargaon was established in the year 1983, and Structural Engineering Department is part of the institute since 2020-2021. The Department has 7 qualified faculty members & 4 well equipped laboratories and is now recognized as one of the prominent and known for academic excellence in the Pune University area. Beside high quality teaching and instruction at UG and PG, the department is actively involved in basic and applied research and consultancy services. The department is providing quality technical and advisory support through consultancy to various private construction agencies, State Government, Central Government project.

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is a specialty within the field of Civil Engineering, which focuses on the analysis, and design of engineering structures, which includes bridges, flyovers, dams, buildings, stadiums, and tunnels, marine and offshore structures to withstand the loads and remain safe, stable and secure throughout their use. Infrastructure development is the only measure of development of any country. Thus, in a developing nation like India, Structural engineering will play an important role in the development of Nation and will provide better job opportunities to the structural engineering graduates. Structural Engineers can work independently as an Entrepreneur to shape the world around them.

The intake of department from Academic Year 2020-21

  • B.Tech (Civil-Structural Engineering) =60
  • M.Tech (Civil-Structural Engineering) = 18


Vision of Department

To Achieve National and International Recognition in Structural Engineering Education.



Mission of Department

To nurture graduates as problem solvers who develop innovative solutions for industry related problems.

To create graduates who possess the knowledge and skills for future challenges and lifelong learning as a structural engineer.

To maintain healthy environment in the department which encourage our graduates and faculty to achieve their best in academics and research.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1: To impart basic and advanced knowledge of structural engineering so that graduates are able to analyze and solve the industrial problems.

PEO 2: To provide hands on training to the graduates on latest equipment and latest software to make them suitable for industries and consultancies.

PEO 3: To equip the graduates with basic professional skills to work as a team member or leader for the socio-economical growth of the nation.

PEO 4: To motivate the graduates to pursue research, higher education and entrepreneurship in the structural engineering field.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO 1: Graduates will be able to provide the best possible solutions for the analysis and design problems using conventional and modern engineering tools for the sustainable development related to the structural engineering.

PSO 2: Graduates will be able to identify societal and industrial needs through allied courses such as planning and drawing, infrastructural engineering, project management, materials, mechanics, etc.