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Academic Year 2018-19

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Sanjivani Thought Leaders

The event named “Conflict of Technical and Soft Skills for Absorption in Civil Engineering Industry” was conducted by Er. Vinay Mangrulkar, CEO, VINDEE Project Management Services,Pune. The lecture mainly outlined on the the skills required for the engineers in the line of industry. As the industry faces some conflicts in terms of soft skills and technical skills, which would make difficult for students to achieve success in terms of the placements. The lecture gave an outcome on the terms of behavioral way in terms of corporate sector.

Er. Vinay Mangrulkar, CEO, VINDEE Project Management Services,Pune.


The event under I-Connect titled “Applications of Fly Ash in Readymix Concrete” was conducted by Er. Mayur Pathak, General Managar, Product & Technology, DIRK India Pvt Ltd. Nashik.

This program was mainly arranged for the students to know about the different types of materials for construction purpose, which mainly emphasized on the use of Fly-Ash, a residue material, which can be effectively used as a replacement of cement in ready mix concrete. This event also gave outline on how to prepare RMC and the main outcomes of RMC in real field.

Er. Mayur Pathak, General Managar, Product & Technology, DIRK India Pvt Ltd. Nashik.

My Story Board

TThe event was held by one of the distinguished Alumni Er. Akshay Thakur. Presently woking in Oberoi Constructions, Mumbai. This event was held for B.E Civil students, in which the students were given out sights on the present scenario of the construction industry, need of the industry and the main outsets which can hurdle the freshers in the corporate sector.

The event gave an outline on the practical aspects of the current techniques used in the field of construction. The different types of soft wares to be learnt by the students for their upbringing in the construction sector.

Er. Akshay Thakur. Oberoi Constructions, Mumbai.

Academic Year 2019-20

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Sanjivani Thought Leaders

Er. Ravindra Josh, Director, Engineering, Pan Gulf Technologies, Pune. Briefed students in multidisciplinary approaches in the field of Civil, Mechanical & Electrical engineering.

 His talk majorly included the different technical aspects of planning, designing & execution of Civil Engineering works.

 He also enlightened the use of soft skills knowledge to the budding engineers and also shared his knowledge on Research Paper Writing.



A Two days workshop on “Water Conservation through Ferro-Cement Technique” was conducted by on of the experienced Engineer in the field of Ferrro Cement technique Mr. U.M. Paranjape.

 The workshop mainly focused on knowledge of Ferro-Cement technique in the field of Civil Engineering, which includes replacement of sand in the concrete.

 The students were gave practical knowledge how to cast the Ferro Cement concrete and use it in conservation of water.


My Story Board

One of the alumni of Sanjivani Engineering College, Er. Milind Tare(CEO, Tare & Associates, PMC Field) shared his experience on the topic  “Field Practices & Challenges in Civil Engineering”.

 This lecture majorly included, importance of Management skills and approach of students towards achieving the completion of any construction projects.

 The lecture even included the meaning of PMC, how exactly does it works, challenges involved in the construction projects, field solutions to the challenges associated. The speaker also shared many of his own experience in the PMC field.


My Story Board

A guest Lecture by Er. Vijay Shejval Patil (Deputy General Manager in Adani Electricity , mumbai) limited on “Challenges for Civil Engineers in Metro-Rail Projects” .

During session Er. Vijay Shejval told his insights regarding challenges that he had faced during construction and maintenance of metro-rail projects. He discussed importance of knowledge of railway engineering subject. He highlighted with the overview of recent technologies implemented for metro-rail projects.  


Guest Lecture

A guest  lecture  by Dr. Yogeshwar Navander (Assist. Prof. MET, Nashik) on “How to Write Research Article, Thesis and Seminar ”.

During session Dr. Navander told his insights regarding importance of  Research and Innovation and Orientation of students towards achieving these goals. He discuss many of his Research papers, his work and told the initiation of some ideas. He highlighted with the overview of  recent  research  papers and making Research  Articles commercialization for better earnings.