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Welcome to an exciting filed of ‘Mechatronics’ – a branch of engineering. Sanjivani always spread a virtue of excellence as a legacy in engineering education. Future demand of industry 4.0, automation in diversified domains and simple but smart solutions to complexities forced to imbibe new multidisciplinary competencies in engineers. The mechatronics department cater all these new required skill attributes in an engineer from 2020-21 in Sanjivani College of engineering of Savitribai Phule Pune University to cope up with Sanjivani’s legacy of Excellence in engineering education. It is newly evolved branch with academic autonomy comprehension on dynamic requirement & necessary attributes of core technical skills in Robotics, IoT, artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0, automotive automation, home appliance automation, and drone technology.

The state-of-art industry & research driven structure of curriculum addresses advanced mechanical, electrical, control and computing knowledge with the help of industry personals and alumina from worldwide of respective fields. The labs development is also in progress under the stringent guidelines of industry personal to cope up thrust areas of select. 

 The department has planned to offer internship, coop programme & capstone projects to learners for developing cognitive skills to upgrade synthesis ability of brooms taxonomy.  The interdisciplinary experienced faculty mentor learners in real time world of mechatronics. The learners will use hands on experiences in labs to design the simple & smart systems in diversified research fields.

I am sure that after completing a course, learners is highly competent, employable and revitalizing  the nation and worldwide economics in industry & research with titles of Data scientist/big data analyst, computer Analyst, Research Executive, Robotics Test Engineer, Robotics Specialist, Industry 4.0 application Engineer, Project Engineer, automotive Engineer, automation analyst, IoT designer and many more. 

I appeal to all passionate learners, join the mechatronics department and make your dreams true, find the success in life and satisfy the thrust of new edge technology knowledge of 21 century.