Director's Desk

Dr. A.G.Thakur

Dr. A.G.Thakur

In an era of fast changing scientific and technological advancements, the degree of obsolescence is too high. This imposes very stringent requirements in the functioning of technical institutions which requires continuous upgradation and addition of facilities.

Keeping this view in mind, our Institute has always been trying to provide the best of facilities possible for the students. We do expect our students to be extra ordinary in the present technological scenario of globalization.

We do not expect our students to be confined only to their academic studies, rather encourage them to take an active part in co-curricular and extra curricular activities also. For this, various platforms are made available like departmental associations, National and International students associations, etc.

The mission of this Institute is to develop the Technical Human Resources towards socio-economic growth of Rural India for global competitiveness. I am quite sure that with the earnest co-operation of our students, their guardians and the faculty, we shall be able to achieve the same.