Research Centre: Department of Mechanical Engineering

The research centre at Mechanical Engineering is approved by Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune. It is started in the year of 2016 for catering the needs of research requirements of in the field of engineering. The research centre is having approved 4 research guides. At present,8 candidates are perusing their PhD and one has completed it.

The research centre is equipped with the following research resources. These resources are open to use for needy people/industry.

Table: Name of research  scholars with their research topics and guide name.

Sr. No.

Name of Research scholar

Research Topic

Name of Guide

Status of Research


Mr. D. P. Bhaskar

Geometric Nonlinear Analysis of Laminated Composite Plate using Finite Element Method

Dr. A. G. Thakur

Completed PhD


Mr. K. N. Wakchaure

Effect of Tool Geometries on Mechanical Properties of Submerged Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloys

Dr. A. G. Thakur



Mr. S.R. Thorat

Influence of Low Plasticity Burnishing Process on Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloy

Dr. A. G. Thakur

Submitted (25/11/2021)


Mr. J B Ashtekar

Investigation and Analysis of Whole-Body Vibration for Different Siting Positions on Vehicle

Dr. A. G. Thakur

In Progress


Mr.S. P. Kakde

Parametric Optimization and Analysis of Hard Facing Deposited by Plasma Transferred Arc Welding Technique.

Dr. A. G. Thakur

In Progress


Mr.I I Sayyad

Buckling Analysis of Composite Structures Subjected to Thermal and Mechanical Load

Dr. A. G. Thakur

In Progress



Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Interrupted with Rectangular Cross Section Using Nano Fluid.

Dr. A. G. Thakur

In Progress


Mr. Patil Pankaj N

Development and Analysis of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Technique for Engineering Application


In Progress