Academic Bank of Credits (ABC)

The government of India, Under National Education Policy-2020, intends to enable students across the nation with the “Academic Bank of Credits” (ABC) system for fulfilling their thirst for knowledge by providing academic flexibility to pick and modify their educational paths, link diverse disciplines, and; assist them in acquiring the proper foundations and building blocks for their ambitions. The “Academic Bank of Credits” (ABC) is an educational digital platform created to facilitate students’ seamless mobility between or within degree-granting Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) through a formal system of credit recognition, credit accumulation, credit transfers, and credit redemption to promote distributed and flexible teaching and learning. The ABC platform will provide students with the opportunity to register for a unique ABC ID, an interactive dashboard to see their credit accumulation and options to begin a choice-based credit transfer mechanism. In addition, the student self-registration module will enable accurate identification of candidates who want to check and transfer their credits depending on their needs.

Feature of ABC

The following features will be available for the students in the ABC application:

  1. Registration for a unique ABC ID (which can be shared between Academic Institutions for any course)
  2. Viewing of total credit accumulated under one window
  3. Selection of multiple credits of convenience for transfer or redemption   
  4. Viewing of the Transfer request status
  5. Reinitiating credit transfer at their conveyance.

Benefits of ABC

  1. Increases the student’s freedom in choosing their courses and academics.
  2. Enables the student to drop out in any year and then exchange the credits earned so far with a certificate/diploma if they are eligible.
  3. They can redeem the credits and rejoin the same or any other institute in the future and continue their education.
  4. The institutes cannot keep the students in the courses against their will to earn money
  5. Students must provide this ABC ID to the corresponding academic institutions where they are pursuing/completed their courses, to enable the academic institutions to upload credits against the student’s ABC ID on DigiLocker - National Academic Depository.
  6. Videos regarding Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) program which have been approved by UGC





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