Objective of Department

  • Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Physics & Engineering Chemistry are backbones of Engineering Subjects. It clears the fundamental of technical subjects. Therefore it has vital importance in engineering fields. Department is taking more focused and multidimensional efforts to make the foundation of the students as strong as possible and to meet the challenges of 21st century at large.
  • Due to globalization, situation has been changed to with stand under the global changes we bound to develop.
  • Effective Teaching skills and qualities of teaching
  • Curricular development activities.

Vision of Department

Eliminating the darkness of ignorance about the Scientific subjects Engg. Mathematics, Engg. Physics and Engg. Chemistry from the students and help them to advance their knowledge for all round development.

Mission of Department

Providing quality education to Society and students and introduction of technical and professional education for increasing employability and economic development, bringing about social transformation through Engineering Science subjects.


Sanjivani Rural Education Society’s College of Engineering has been established in the year 1983 along with various departments, Engineering Science is one of the department which constitutes Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Physics & Engineering Chemistry.

Department has well qualified and experienced staff and have contributed best results & involved in departmental activities either curricular as well as extra curricular.