SAEINDIA is India's leading resource for mobility technology. SAEINDIA is a strategic alliance partner of SAE International registered in India as an Indian non-profit engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of mobility industry in India. SAEINDIA Sanjivani COE Collegiate Club is the member of SAEINDIA. The Club was established in year 2000 with an aim to nourish the employability skills in the students and to provide them National and International platform through different events like BAJA, SUPRA, etc. to showcase their skills.

Every academic year “SAEINDIA SANJIVANI Collegiate club” has student members from Undergraduate Courses. The Council Body Members are elected from students. The council body structure consists of 16 members with Chairperson heading the body, Vice Chairperson, Student Chair, Treasurer and Executive members. Asst. Prof. A. D. Wable is the faculty advisor of SAEINDIA Collegiate Club.

The following students of Mechanical Engineering are selected for SAE Council Body for academic year 2021-2022.

Council Body for Academic Year 2021-22:


Sr. No.

Name of Student

SAE Council Post


Bhavesh Anil Bharadiya

Chair Person


Akash Sudam Lokhande

Vice Chair Person


Bhavesh kedare

Student Program Chair


Autade Ajinkya Subhash



Mandlik Abhishek Ganpat

Executive Member


Holkar Pratik

Executive Member


Bankar Jayesh Nileshkumar

Executive Member


Satyam Rajendra Lasure

Executive Member


Khaire Prathmesh Prakash

Executive Member


Krushna Patil

Executive Member


Bhide Mukul Milind

Executive Member


Yash Devidas Desale

Executive Member


Rutuja Kakasaheb Ganage

Ladies Representative


Borawake Pratiksha

Ladies Representative


Akansha Kolpe

Ladies Representative


Kadam Aditi

Ladies Representative

SAE Club plans and organizes different activities throughout the academic year

  • SAE Opening,
  • Guest lecture on IoT ,
  • Treasure Hunt,
  • Auto Quiz,
  • Girls Event,
  • Poster Presentation,
  • Technical Selfies,
  • Project Exhibition,
  • Bike Mania,
  • Gearbox Assembly and Disassembly,
  • BMW workshop,
  • Innovation competition

SAE Club also provides the national platform to its members through different events like E-BAJA, M-BAJA, TIFAN and many other competitions. Under the guidance of Head of Department Dr. M.V. Nagarhalli and faculty advisor SAEINDIA SANJIVANI COLLEGIATE CLUB has journey of legency.


Some more Achievements of Club :

  • Indian Solar Vehicle Championship ,Team Centaurus 2.0 got AIR 1st prize 1.15lakh.
  • National Electric Cart Championship AIR 2nd
  • E-BAJA 18 Team Hawks got AIR 8th


 Team Name : Squadron           

Team Captain: Chaitanya Lokhande

Number of Students- 24

Faculty Advisor:Mr.P.N.Patil

Event Organiser : FMAE (Fraternity of Mechanical and Automotive Engineers )2021.

Held at : Paticipated in event from 1 October to 5 October 2021. at FMAE Moto Park, Hyderabad

Academic Year-2020-2021


Team Name:  SOHAR      

Team Captain: Pawan Dange

Number of Students:25

Faculty Advisor- Mr.I.I.Sayyad / Mr. A.D.Wable

Event Organiser : SAE INDIA,MPKV,Rahuri.                                                                                                                                              

Achievement :  AIR 12 in static and Dynamic round                              

Academic Year-  2019-2020


Team Name : Spitfire          

Team Captain: Hitesh Tribhuwan

Number of Students- 24

Faculty Advisor:Mr.A.A Joshi

Event Organiser :ISIE Formula Imperial-HVC

Held at : Bhudha Circuit Noida

Achievement: Secure 3rd Rank from 102 teams


Team Name:  HAWKS 3     

Team Captain: Pradip Thombare

Number of Students:25

Event Organiser : E-BAJA Pithampur 2018-19

Achievement :  Successfully Qualified for static and Dynamic Round

Academic Year- 2018-2019


Team Name : Centaurus 2.0                                                                                   

Team Captain: Soham Narkhede

 Number of Students- 27                                                                                     

Faculty Advisor:Mr.N.S.Surner                                                                               

Event Organiser : FSDC ( Future Solar Design Challenge) championship 2019.                                                                                                                                                

Held at : Chitkara University, Chandigarh.

Achievement : Secured 1st in Solar Endurance round all over India                    

Prize won : Rs. 10000/-.

Academic Year-2018-2019