My name is Akash Khurana, I am Mechanical Engineering graduate from Sanjivani College of Engineering, Kopargaon from 1996 batch. Since my graduation, my career and professional journey has been very fulfilling and I got a lot of credit to my learning that I have received at this institute. My current position is of the Chief Information officer and Digital officer at the world-class company McDermott is an Engineering and construction company providing large scale very complex projects in the structural and analogy space particles report. Throughout my journey, I have been closely associated with the Management as well as the leadership of the Sanjivani Institute. And I can personally attached  to the focus that they put on innovation, research as well as providing quality education to the students which is so critical in shaping world class leaders and professionals. Of course, I also attach lot of credits that I have achieved in my career to the learning as well academic all life experience that I have received from this institute. I wish all the very best all the success and a very bright future for the institute everyone associated with this institute whether a student, staff as well as management and leadership too. Thank you so much.

Akash Khurana

BE (Mechanical Engineering)

Hi, I am Sarika Jahagirdar. And my maiden name is Sarika Ramesh Chincholikar. I graduated from Sanjivani College of Engineering with the B.E Mechanical Degree in the year 1999. I am currently located Los Angeles, California and work with Bank of America as a Vice President of Advanced Analytics and AI Initiatives in the enterprise compliance reporting team. Also, I would like to add that Sanjivani College of Engineering is a top-notch institute and I can attach that all the education, the skills that required at the institute has really helped me selling my career path. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all my professors, Dr.A.G.Thakur sir who has also been my project guide Principal Dr.D.N. Kyatanavar Sir and all my committee members selecting me for this award. I am really humbled and honoured to receive this award. Thank you

Sarika Jahagirdar

B.E Mechanical

I am Sandeep Patil. I am truly honoured to receive the technical excellence award from Sanjivani College of Engineering. I did my graduation in Computer Science in 1999 from Sanjivani College of Engineering. I work with IBM Systems and Development Lab as IBM STSM and IBM Master in Network. I truly believe that for an individual to chase the professional excellence in each two things: one- Ambition and the Passion for ambition. And two- the foundational layer that is embedded in the individual in schooling and graduation. I must say the Sanjivani College of Engineering, be the congenial environment and key foundational layer that help me to accomplish my achievements. Thank you Sanjivani College of Engineering.

Sandeep Patil

BE (Computer Science)