In present situation library can be called as an excellent information center. Dissemination of knowledge & information is the main function of the library & it generates information through various forms of collection, such as books Journals & Periodicals etc.

   We are committed to provide an easy and ready access to library resources for updating the knowledge base of students and staff. Our endeavor is to keep the users of library abreast of the state of the art inputs in respect of Engineering & Technology. We are streamlining our concerted efforts to build our library as an excellent center for disseminating information.

  1. Open Access for Students & Staff.
  2. Fully computerized library information  systems
  3. Digital Library facility
  4. On-line Journals
  5. Internet facility
  6. Reprography facility
  7. Book Bank Scheme
  8. Day-night Reading Hall facility
  9. Spacious Reading Hall
  10. Institutional membership of IIT-Powai,Mumbai Library
  11. Total library collection – 60503
Total Library Collection: 60503
Total No of Titles: 21626
Total Periodicals and Journals :
  A) National: 126
  B) International: 16
  C) E-Journals: 1647
  D) E-Books (Springer): 2015


Total investment Books, Furniture & Equipments – Rs. 2 Crore +

Total Library Area: 1096.35 sq.m

Library Stack & Reference Section: 537 sq.m

Reading Hall: 559.35 sq.m